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Sluggish March Sales for H-D Dealers

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Sluggish March Sales for H-D Dealers


Harley-Davidson continues to keep its manufacturing suspended, with most factory workers still temporarily laid off. This decision, carried out March, was taken by the factory to prevent spread of COVID-19 within its areas of operations.

Inevitably, this has led to Harley-Davidson dealerships throughout the US to note that sales in the latter half of that month slowed significantly, according to analyst Robin Farley of USB Investment Research. These findings come from a survey released by Farley this past Wednesday. She adds that, as expected from suspending manufacturing, most dealers will not receive more 2020 motorcycles. Exacerbating the issue, Harley prevents its dealers from engaging in online bike selling.

This state of limbo leads Farley to conclude that, at minimum, half of all American H-D dealerships are likely closed for the moment.

All of this unfolds during a season when many riders end their “hibernation” and get back on the saddle to enjoy the brisk spring weather and events like the first rally of Myrtle Beach Bike Week, which has also been affected by the pandemic and will now take place in summer.