Snap-on’s Metric Wrenches For Harley?

PRODUCT REVIEW By Chris Maida – Snap-on’s extra long open- and box-end combos

Though I’ve been using a ragtag assortment of open- and box-end metric wrenches for years, it was definitely time to stop screwing around and get an excellent set of metrics. What can I say? Unless there’s a deadline pushing me, I’m a procrastinator! I bought a full set of Snap-on metric sockets awhile back and love the way they grip a bolt or nut, so there was no question what company’s wrenches I was going to buy.

With the brand decided, the only other question was which set to buy. I went with Snap-on’s chrome extra long combination wrenches (#OEXM710B/$288.85), which are made of precision-forged, heat-treated steel for my first set. Both the open- and box-ends are angled and offset at 15 degrees to give you some clearance between the wrench and the component you’re working on. The box-end is also rotated 7.5 degrees away from the handle, so you can flip the wrench over to get a fresh bite on the bolt when working in a tight space.  This set ranges from 10mm, which is what you need for a battery terminal, to 19mm. And though there is currently no metric hardware on a Harley that big, I don’t know what H-D is going to use next year. And if, somehow, a wrench ever gets damaged, my local Snap-on dude will replace it for free.

So how did they work? Just like my Snap-on socket set: great! That’s got me thinking about what my next one will be —probably a set of short wrenches of the same sizes. After all, you can never have too many quality tools! AIM

Snap-on Incorporated, 2801 80th St., PO Box 1401, Dept. AIM, Kenosha, WI 53141-9938

Story as it appeared in the May 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine.


  1. Imaginethat says:

    I was a mechanic for over 20 years, and anymore for the money I will still go with Craftsman lifetime warranty easy return there professional line quality is the same as Snapon strength is the same , and Whole lot cheaper. Got to agree with GUnnut good luck trying to get a snap on dealer warranty your tool if your not a regular.

  2. If your not a regular customer of the ‘Snapon dude’, good luck getting them to warranty a broken tool.