Steve Iacona’s Knockout Sportster Enraptures A Hero’s Spirit

Owner Gerard Siani sits atop the stunning tribute to his fallen brother and friend, beside Steve Iacona, the dedicated builder.

This story appears in AIM issue #355, which hit subscribers today and goes on sale 10/10. We were blown away by the craftsmanship of builder Steve Iacona of Brooklyn, NY, and the story attached to this bike and its owner, Gerard Siani. The following was provided by Christopher Saucedo, brother to Gregory Saucedo, the firefighter who passed away in the 9/11 attacks, best friend to Gerard and hero to all. We have also included some outtake photos and the full spec sheet. Pick up issue #355 to hold this story in your hands. It’s truly extraordinary. For the full feature story, click here

“It takes courage and conviction to go first, but its easier to do anything with real friends behind you. Our brother Gregory was the youngest of four boys but the first to do a lot of things. He was the first to join the New York City Fire Department with friends and family following. He was also the first one in our circle to get a bike.

I remember his awkward first-drive home from Brooklyn Harley-Davison in the summer of 1992. He drove his brand-new blue 1200 Sportster home the final hundred yards—only to crash it into some garbage cans and eat some crow as our mother and grandmother sternly greeted him on the front porch of our row-house in Brooklyn. It was kind of like Sesame Street, with friendly but nosy neighbors coming outside to see what was happening. Greg loved that little bike, and although he eventually added a Heritage Springer Softail, it all started with the 1200 Sportster. The clichés of motorcycles and tattoos are sometimes true. Gregory came into his own after he got that first bike, but his dynamic life was all too short.

Our brother died on September 11, 2001 along with 342 of his fellow firefighters and far too many others. Gregory’s final act of charging up the doomed stairs of the North Tower of the World Trade Center took courage and conviction, and 16-years later we find strength in his memory. My brothers and I are honored and humbled with the magnificent transformation that Steven Iacona has created; this complex project was clearly a labor of love.  Gerard Siani owns the bike now and appropriately he was one of Greg’s best friends. We Brooklyn kids use an understated parlance to mask our feelings but this awesome bike speaks for Siani and says it all. This extraordinary motorcycle is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary man.

Our brother was never recovered at the World Trade Center, and so Gregory has no grave marker and we can’t visit to pay our respect. This remarkable motorcycle is that respect and a fitting tribute to Firefighter Gregory T. Saucedo. This is the Phoenix reborn out of the emotional ashes of death. Iacona’s creation is a beautiful and powerful marker for our fallen brother’s life. His many friends and family will never forget him and now we have this stunning and skillfully handcrafted machine to move forward with—in style and speed. That courage and conviction we learned from Greg is alive and well.”

– Christopher Saucedo

















All photos courtesy of Mark Velazquez

Owner: Gerard F. Siani
Builder: Steven Iacona
Year/model: 1992 Harley-Davidson XLH 1200 Sportster
Time to build: Three Months
Polisher: Iacona Custom Cycyles
Powdercoater: Brooklyn Powder Coating
Painter: Nub Grafix
Color: Vintage Yellow

Engine: 1992 Harley-Davidson XLH 1200 Sportster
Builder: Iacona Custom Cycles
Displacement: 73.10″
Push rods: Covers Zipper Performance Products
Carb: 30mm Mikuni
Air cleaner: Dime City Cycles Velocity Stacks
Exhaust: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Exhaust Tips: Builtwell
Ignition: Dyna 2000 I-P
Coils: Dyna
Wires: Accel
Charging system: Cycle Electric
Regulator: Cycle Electric
Cam cover: Iacona Custom Cycle Modified
Primary cover: Iacona Custom Cycle Modified
Transmission: 1992 HD 4 Speed Stock
Clutch: DP Clutch

Frame: 1992 HD Sportster
Front forks: 49mm V-Rod
Mods: Gold Nitrate Tubes, Progressive Springs
Swingarm: Hard Tail; TC Bros Choppers- I.C.C. Modified
Shocks: Seat Shocks Iacona Custom Cycle Modified
Front wheel: 19″ x 3″ V-Rod
Rear wheel: 18″ X 5-1/2″ V-Rod with I.C.C. sprocket adapter
Front brake: Dual Performance machine four-piston calipers
Rear brake: Performance Machine four-iston calipers I.C.C. Mount
Front tire: 120/70-19″
Rear tire: 200/55-18″
Front fender: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Rear fender: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated

Headlight: H-D 4″ Daymaker Projector LED
Taillight: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Fuel tank: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Tail section: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Front fairing: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Oil tank: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Oil cooler: Shroud Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Ignition switch: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Handlebars: Roland Sands 1″ clip-ons
Seat: Corinna Mantlo; Via Meccanica Custom Upholstery
Seat pan: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Pegs: Speed Merchant
Speedo: Speedhut Speedo customized
Dash: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
License bracket: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Hand controls: Roland Sands
Hand grips: Speed merchant
Foot controls: Storz performance and I.C.C. Modified
Levers: Roland sands
Battery: Twin Power Lithium Ion
Battery box: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Electrical box: Iacona Custom Cycles Hand Fabricated
Gas cap: Speedster- Crime Scene Choppers
Steering damper: Ohlins
Suspension: Progressive HD V-Rod Fork Lowering Kit