Stuntman Eddie Braun Launches Over Snake River in Knievel-Like Skycycle

Professional stuntman Eddie Braun rocketed over Idaho’s Snake River Canyon in an Evel Knievel-esque Skycycle last Friday, completing a goal his childhood idol couldn’t.

The steam-powered rocket shot off a 10 story high ramp reaching approximately 400 mph in seconds, disappearing into the sun before slowly cascading back to earth beneath the canopy of the rocket’s parachute. The stunt was similar to the one Knievel attempted back in 1974, albeit with much different results. Whereas Knievel’s drogue parachute deployed too early and he almost landed in the river, Braun’s endeavor was picture perfect as he easily cleared the canyon, landing in a field on the other side of the river.

Braun spent three years planning the jump, working with Scott Truax on the design of the rocket. Truax’s father Robert, a rocket engineer in the United States Navy, designed the original Skycycle X-2 used by Knievel. A TIME report states that Truax followed his father’s blueprints closely, the major alteration being an updated parachute system. Braun’s rocket was nicknamed “Evel Spirit.”