Sturgis Motorcycle News: City To Appeal Buffalo Chip Incorporation

STURGIS, S.D. – Sturgis city leaders approved spending money Monday night to appeal the Meade County Commission decision to approve an amended petition allowing the Buffalo Chip to hold an election to incorporate.

The city last week filed a notice of appeal with the Meade County Auditor that states several reasons why the commission acted without legal basis when it approved the petition.

Among them, the city argues the Buffalo Chip is within the 3-mile jurisdiction of the city of Sturgis. Furthermore, the city argues the residency validity of those who signed the petition. The city also argues the validity of an amended petition that the commission accepted.

The city also lists concerns about the environmental impact a new municipality could have on the surrounding area – particularly the Sturgis Municipal Airport – which has been annexed into the city of Sturgis.

Sturgis City Manager Daniel Ainslie says the city’s approval last night state’s he, himself, can file the appeal if a judge throws out the city’s appeal as a whole.

“Because I did provide personal testimony when the commissioners were making their statement, there is the possibility that I would also be able to file my own appeal to the commissioners decision,” Ainslie said.

“By making my own personal appeal, that way there’s two separate lawsuits challenging the petition.”

Ainslie says he believes it’s in the city’s best interests to have a judge actually review the actions of the commission to make sure they align with the current state statute and the Buffalo Chip meets all the requirements of a municipality.