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SuperTrapp & Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons

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SuperTrapp & Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons


SuperTrapp Industries (www.SuperTrapp.com) is celebrating 40 years of being a leading manufacturer of comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.

There’s something for everyone!  SuperTrapp & Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons quench the thirst of riders longing for beautifully, crafted, 4” Slip-Ons with a pleasant tone and unsurpassed performance gains.

SuperTrapp and Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons larger, chromed bodies are brewed to perfection.  They’re available for ’95 – 11 FLH / FLT models.  These non-tunable, massive 4” Slip-Ons allow riders to make a bold statement with their newly developed core.  The streamlined, internal tapered, billet aluminum end cap with recessed fasteners comes pre-installed.  The oval cut outs are a sign of the true craftsmanship that went into the design of these pipes.  The newly shaped inlets flow better into the OEM head pipe as well as SuperTrapp True Dual Head Pipes.

The SuperTrapp Stouts’ tapered core is minimally louder than stock for ’10 – ’11 FLH models.  SuperTrapp Stout Slip-Ons provide a heavy, broad spread power curve right from idle w/ a 9.3 (16%) hp and 10.5 (14%) torque gain over stock (measured on a stock 2010 FLH).  At 95.6 dB @ 2,000 rpm, or 2.4dB over stock, SuperTrapp Stouts are SAE-J2825 sound compliant.

Kerker Stout 4” Slip-Ons, like their name suggests, are not a wimpy pipe.  They utilize a more traditional core which targets a higher spread of power providing more mid range RPM up through redline.  Hand-crafted for your riding pleasure, they provide a bold, strong power curve from mid range on up with a 9.6 (17%) hp and 9 (12%) torque gain over stock (measured on 2010 FLH).  Louder than the SuperTrapp version, Kerker Stouts are 97dB (per SAE-J2825) or 5dB over stock with that classic Kerker, deep, heavy rumble.  The predominantly displayed Kerker logo lets everyone know that your pipes perform!  Kerker Stouts are bold and powerful.

Request your 2011, commemorative, 40th Anniversary catalog by e-mailing [email protected].  Become a fan of SuperTrapp on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Visit at : www.SuperTrapp.com

Call at :  216-265-8400.


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  1. Michael May 2, 2011

    I just had the 4 inch stouts and the true duels put on my 08 ultra classic WOW what a change. sound is DEEP power is great. I now can use 6 speed at 40 mph and pull right out of the chug. If you want a mean DEEP sound and performents for just adding pipes get the STOUT 4 INCH you will be very happy .

    [email protected]

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