Product Spotlight: Burly Brand Classic One-Piece Sissy Bars for Sportsters

Call it a sissy bar, back rest or chick stick, these Burly one-piece units feature round tubes, complex mounts and comfortable backrests for a simple, classic look that mounts up in 10-15 minutes. Burly is building their Sissy Bar in a short and tall version that includes a compact pad. The one-piece sissy bar mounts […]

Burly Brand MX Floorboards for Harley Tourers

Based off the aesthetic of our original MX-Style pegs, we now offer MX-Style Floorboards for Harley Touring models! They are made of steel with just the right amount of serration to keep your feet planted. TIG welded for strength and powder coated Satin Black to blend nicely with your bike. The rider boards bolt right […]

Quality Control – Behind the Scenes at Burly and Progressive

I doubted anyone would notice they were missing. I mean, they were in the scrap bin after all. Nobody was looking. Sean was already headed to the next section of the factory. Despite the temptress temptation whispering my name, I left the shiny drilled-out disc where it lay in the bottom of the bin. To […]