American Iron Garage: Garage Built

Therapy Build Evolution and survival through craft by Stephen Long Merriam-Webster defines evolution as “a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state.” For George Holland, the process of evolution has been a pertinent and sustained element of survival. “Evolution,” he says, “I like that […]

The Final Ride – Paughco Offers Gas Tank Urns for Biker

While Vikings had ocean-going vessels for their final funeral pyres to usher them to Valhalla, good old-fashioned funeral pyres are frowned upon these days. And while it might not be quite as glorious, those crazy cats at Paughco are offering bikers a unique vessel to take residence in during the after-life – motorcycle gas or […]

Paughco’s Custom Drop Seat Motorcycle Chassis

Paughco’s exclusive drop seat chassis provides great lines and a perfect 23-1/2″ seat height. The new right-side drive frames accept 300-class rear tires and feature a 1-3/4″ backbone stretch, 2″-diameter single front leg, and 1-3/4″ diameter tubular swingarm. Additionally, the chassis comes with a 1″ hidden axle assembly and integral forward control mounts. Goin’ Pro-Street? […]


Paughco is now offering a complete selection of direct fit and custom, superior quality 80-spoke rim assemblies for a wide variety of applications. Front packages are available in 21” x 2.15” for use with ’89-‘99 single disc brakes and forks. All assemblies come fit with Timken bearings ready to install.  Rears  come in 8.5” and 10” and […]


How cool is this? Recently added to the massive line of Paughco chopper products this OLD-STF “KICK” pedal is cast from solid brass and  incorporates in-your-face “KICK” lettering. A functional and very cool conversation piece this pedal will definitely set your bike apart from the crowd. Each pedal shaft is CNC machined from solid bar […]


These Flat Bottom Sportster style gas tanks from Paughco are the very sole for any hardcore chopper. Shown here are both the Standard and King styles now being manufactured and sold exclusively through Paughco and their dealers worldwide. Both tanks are modified with for universal mounting with horseshoe front mount and tab rear.  Tanks are […]

Build Your Own Captain America Bike

Paughco, the provider of many parts used on the original “Captain America” bike, is now offering a select number of beautifully reproduced pieces that provide the basis for building an exact reproduction of the historical chopper. The parts shown here are all available, as pictured, directly from Paughco and provide the unmistakable look unique to […]