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TCX Café Race and Vintage Boots

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TCX Café Race and Vintage Boots


Well-known for dirt, sport, and sport-touring footwear, TCX has been making high-quality motorcycle boots for decades and was the first to offer CE-certified motorcycle boots. I decided to try out two different styles of TCX women’s waterproof boots, both from its café race/vintage collection. You’ll find similar styles (and many more) built for men as well.

The first thing you need to know about TCX boots is that they tend to run a little long. For example, I ordered my boots in a size 42, which is translated to a US 9-1/2; my usual size. When the Lady Biker and Lady Blend boots arrived, I found both pairs to fit a little tight in the width but long in the toe. I decided not to exchange them, as I’d recently been told by a reputable podiatrist that I should be wearing footwear with extra room in front of the toe anyway. And I figured the width would stretch as I broke them in. My assumption was correct. After wearing each style about a half dozen times, they were sufficiently broken in. More on the fit later.

The Lady Blend and Lady Biker boots share many things in common: Mid-calf shaft (8-1/4″); 1-3/8″ heel; waterproof, removeable footbeds; grippy rubber soles. Both styles include TCX’s malleolus inserts at the ankles and stiff reinforced toe and heel areas. Both are made of grain leather and have a vintage-style waxy finish.

The differences are fairly obvious. The Lady Blend boots are dark brown and lace up whereas the Lady Biker boots are black and have a side zipper and buckle. There are pros and cons to each style. As the boots broke in, I found the Lady Biker boots to be more difficult to walk in as they stretched out in the width. The Lady Blend boots also stretched a bit, but I can get the right fit by tying the laces tighter. The Lady Bikers take seconds to pull on and off, but messing around with the Lady Blend laces takes a few extra minutes before and after each ride.

I personally love the look of both boots, but the vintage brown and stitched details of the Lady Blend win me over more times than not. I particularly like the extra patch of leather in the toe shift area—and appreciate the symmetry of its duplication on the right boot. Both boots look and feel great while cruising, and I’m happy to report that the waterproof liner really holds up, even when wading through ankle-deep water (don’t ask!).

I expect to enjoy years of great riding with both TCX Lady Biker and Lady Blend boots. Both styles are available in sizes 35–42 (US 4–9.5) and cost $199.99. AIM


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