Tech & Custom Harley News – American Iron Garage Magazine

If you missed the last issue (on sale mid 2012) of American Iron Garage, it is still available in print from or in digital format at

This newsstand-only special issue from the American Iron Magazine crew features plenty of do-it-yourself tech, new products and some amazing home built customs by people just like you.

Plenty of products, techniques and news in there for stock, custom and even classic Harley motorcycles.


  1. Hello !! How are you doing ? The reason that I am here is that I am looking for a school to learn how too work on them . Can you send me a list off school” Plz. I saw an add in the magazine and their was one in Virgine >

  2. Barry Klimuszka says:

    Dear AIM,
    I’m a subscriber to AIM and other motorcycle magazines, your’s is the best for any V-Twin H-D owner.

    I have a customized 2007 H-D FXD Super Glide. I like doing my own work (pretty good mechanic) , although I’m not an expert. I really enjoy your Tech and How-To articles. I bought the last AIM Garage (Through was a bit disappointed. I wanted more How-To and Tech items and not as much articles on other people bike builds. Your magazine/authors create great detailed articles that offer great building blocks for working on my own bike. I also appreciate you asking for your readers inputs.