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Tech Shoots and Road Time

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Tech Shoots and Road Time

TAKING AIM by Chris Maida, Editor

TAKING AIM by Chris Maida, Editor

TAKING AIM, by Chris Maida, Editor

I enjoy visiting various shops around the country. It gives me the opportunity to talk with many different mechanics

I’m writing this just a few days before Thanksgiving, and about 10 days late. The rest of the issue has already been shipped, working its way through the process that will eventually result in the magazine that ends up in your mailbox and on the newsstands. It’s also the first day I’m back in the office after a three-day tech shoot at Rob’s Dyno in Gardner, Massachusetts. In fact, most of the last few months I’ve been on the road shooting tech for American Iron. While it’s well known I’m the editor of American Iron, few readers know I’m also the tech editor.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about being on the road often. I enjoy visiting various shops around the country. It gives me the opportunity to talk with many different mechanics, in both H-D dealerships and independent shops, and find out what’s going on with our beloved Harley-Davidsons, as well as Indians, Victorys, and custom builds. I don’t have a shop anymore, so this is the best way for me to get info from the trenches.

It also gives me a chance to meet some of our readers. Of course, I can’t hang out when the mechanic is ready to do the installation. With me stopping him at every step to shoot photos of what he’s doing, the time it’ll take him to do the job is doubled. And, as odd as this may sound, it’s hard on the mechanic to do a shoot with me. These guys are used to rolling through the job quickly and methodically. Having to constantly stop for me to take five to eight photos per step is, for lack of a better word, aggravating. I know because sometimes I’m the one spinning the wrenches! That’s when my daughter Chelsea is doing the photography, as she did for the 2015 Fat Boy upgrade series we finished in issue #331.

But all my travel is not only for tech. I usually go to two main bike events each year: Daytona Bike Week, which is about two months away by the time you read this, and Sturgis. Unlike when I’m traveling for tech, my main focus during these events is to cover the festivities and meet our readers. So if you ever see a short guy with a ponytail in a black American Iron shirt walking around, it’ll probably be me, so come over and say “Hey!”

See you on the road.

Chris Maida

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