The Final Ride – Paughco Offers Gas Tank Urns for Biker

While Vikings had ocean-going vessels for their final funeral pyres to usher them to Valhalla, good old-fashioned funeral pyres are frowned upon these days. And while it might not be quite as glorious, those crazy cats at Paughco are offering bikers a unique vessel to take residence in during the after-life – motorcycle gas or oil tank urns! What true biker wouldn’t love to have his ashes saved for posterity’s sake in a Frisco tank? Of course, there’s even a Mini-Coffin shaped tank.

Paughco Mini Coffin Urns for Bikers

Doesn’t this look like the perfect final resting place for that biker in your life?

OK, we realize April Fools is right around the corner, but this is legit. Here’s the lowdown courtesy of Paughco.

“Paughco proudly announces a new line of beautiful ‘biker’ themed memorial urns. These American-made urns are manufactured in our facility in Carson City, NV and designed using existing Paughco motorcycle parts. These urns are very unique and provide a great way to pay final tribute to your loved ones….what better way to honor a motorcycle guy or gal. Available in five styles and three different finishes, polished chrome, polished copper plate or gloss black powderpaint.

Prices range from $599 to $399. They’re built to order, so Paughco says please allow two weeks for production. Kinda creepy? Yes. But kinda cool, too. Check out Paughco’s catalog of 2016 New Products for more info.

Paugho Gas & Oil Tank Urns for Bikers

Paugho Gas & Oil Tank Urns for Bikers