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Top 10 Motorcycle Rallies of the Summer

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Top 10 Motorcycle Rallies of the Summer


Bikers at Bike Week 2016

It’s time once again to gear up and hit the open road as motorcycle rally season is upon us. The ride out to one’s favorite rally deepens the overall experience. There’s bike shows to be seen, poker runs to be ridden and hands to be drawn, concerts to bang our heads at and mingling on Main Streets to be had. There’s no shortage of characters at motorcycle rallies so simply people watching is always an entertaining past time. It’s time to get together with your best riding buddies, bump into friends you haven’t seen in ages, and make a new pal or two. Of course, motorcycle racing is still at the core of many rallies, from the Laconia hillclimbs to the drag and dirt track races of Sturgis. People are gravitating to dirt ovals in droves thanks to the run-what-ya-brung SuperHooligan races whose popularity is spreading across the country like wildfire. These days, simply spectating just isn’t enough anymore.

With so many rallies to choose from, we’ve whittled them down to a list of ten to help riders plan out their summer. Admittedly, there’s plenty more that are a hoot too, like the Redwood Run in my neck of the woods or Gettysburg Bike Week which our buddy Ken Conte keeps hyping up. But we did our best to narrow down the list to the biggest, baddest events we know of. If you’ve got a valid argument for one we missed, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll add it to our events calendar. In the meantime, find out who made our Top 10 list of motorcycle rallies this summer by clicking on the pages below.

Veterans Charity Ride 2015


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