Top 5 Favorite Things About the 2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout Softail

2018 Harley Breakout speedo

We love how cleanly the new speedo is integrated into the top clamp of the handlebars on the 2018 Harley Breakout.

5. Speedo built into the top handlebar clamp
We took the 2018 Breakout to our local “Bike Night” to get some honest feedback from a variety of riders, sportbike guys included, and the way the motorcycle’s digital display is integrated cleanly into the top clamp of the handlebars came up in conversation more than once. Sure, it’s a minor change from the round analog speedo from last year, but it keeps the bars super tidy and actually raises critical information like speed, fuel level, and gear up a tad. It shows Harley is paying attention to the small details that could make the difference between a sale and a person walking away.

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