Top 5 Favorite Things About the 2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout Softail

2018 Harley Breakout improved clearance

More clearance, less weight, more power, there’s lots to like about the 2018 Breakout compared to last year’s model.

3. More clearance
While I loved the long, low stance of the 2017 Breakout, one of my biggest complaints was how it seemed to be constantly scraping pegs. At only 23.4 degrees, its lean angle was pitiful. A spirited romp over Ortega Highway in Southern California on the 2018 Breakout demonstrated that clearance is much improved. Lean angle on the new Breakout is 26.8 degrees, and not having to worry about grinding pegs in seemingly every turn made for a more enjoyable riding experience. It also allowed me to hustle the Breakout a little faster on one of my favorite stretches in SoCal. There were times I’d still scrape pegs, particularly when I carried more speed in corners which necessitated leaning it over more, but they were few and far in between.

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