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Total Oil Change II For Harley Motorcycles

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Total Oil Change II For Harley Motorcycles


Back in the April 2007 issue, I did a review of Rogue Chopper’s Scavenger for Evos. This cool little device enables you to get all the old oil out of your engine when you do an oil and filter change. The inventors at Rogue, being the smart dudes they are, came out with a version for Twin Cams shortly thereafter.

The Scavenger is a simple and easy to install two-part operation. To use it, run the engine until it’s at operating temperature to get all the nasty crap inside the motor suspended in the oil. Then shut the motor down and pull the oil tank/pan drain plug to get all dirty oil out of your tank/pan before the crud settles out of the oil again. This is where a standard oil change ends, leaving old oil still in the engine and oil lines waiting to degrade the new load of oil.

After you remove the old oil filter, the Scavenger’s puck (shown) gets threaded in where the oil filter goes to close this opening in the engine’s oil system. Some fresh oil is then added to the oil system. How that is done depends on the style of bike you have, be it Softail, Dyna, or Touring model. The engine is then started and run to get all the dirty oil pumped out of the motor and oil lines. Once fresh oil starts coming out, the engine is shut off, the hose is removed, and the drain plug is reinstalled. The Scavenger’s puck is also removed and a new oil filter installed. After topping off the oil tank, run the engine again, recheck the oil level, and top off as needed.

The Twin Cam Touring model version we tested did its job well, but was a little messier than doing a standard oil change. However, I think that was more due to my inexperience with the device. I’m sure after I’ve done it a few times I’ll be able to do my oil and filter changes as quickly and cleanly as before. Bottom line: this is a great little tool for home mechanics. AIM

— Chris Maida, editor of American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.



  1. jack shea August 16, 2014

    Where can I buy the scavenger puck for changing oil on harley’s

  2. james July 13, 2013

    So how does one prevent third degree burns when managing this operation?