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Tour Master Motorcycle Rain Gear

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Tour Master Motorcycle Rain Gear


I’ll be the first to admit I’d prefer not to ride in the rain, but there are times when you just have to do it. And when that happens, you want to be wearing a rain suit that keeps the wet stuff where it belongs: outside! The other mandatory trait for a motorcycle rain suit is that it not take up much packing room, yet be designed so as not to cause you to curse the product the entire time you have it on. The Tour Master Sentinel jacket and pants are extremely lightweight and can be rolled into a small bundle. Plus, they did a great job of keeping me dry. But it was the little details that really made the Sentinel shine.

The Sentinel has a simple gray-on-black pattern, with reflective piping so you can easily be seen at night, and extra material on the shoulders to bead away the rain. It has plenty of big pockets on the chest and sides, and fits over your riding jacket. There’s also a handy pocket inside the jacket behind your waist, which sits right above the zipper that joins the jacket and pants for added rain protection. The wrists secure closed, and a small fabric hood unfurls from a hidden  zippered neck roll to fit close to your head under your helmet. All this means that you’re going to stay dry once you’re zippered in, but the lightweight jacket is also breathable thanks to small, covered vents on the back, so you don’t get hot when wearing it.

The pants are roomy, which I prefer, since I’m not planning on walking around Main Street with them on. And they have extra water-repellent material in the places that are going to get soaked, namely your lower legs, seat, and crotch.

The bottom line is that I rode through some good downpours with this rain suit, and stayed dry and comfortable without feeling like I had a rubber sweat suit on. The Sentinel definitely gets my seal of approval. AIM

–Terry O’Brien of American Iron Magazine, the world’s best selling Harley magazine.

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