Travis Pastrana & Nitro World Games Buddies Rip it Up in a Slingshot

(L-R) Travis Pastrana, Jaie Toohey, Blake 'Bilko' Williams, James Foster and the Polaris Slingshot

(L-R) Travis Pastrana, BMX Rider and Nitro Circus member Jaie Toohey, freestyle motocrosser Blake “Bilko” Williams, and BMX legend James Foster show off all the black marks they left behind after a morning of fun with the Polaris Slingshot.

What happens when Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus members Jaie Toohey, Blake “Bilko” Williams and James Foster get behind the wheel of a Polaris Slingshot SLR and are turned loose on a private track? Tire-roasting, back-end drifting fun, that’s what!

Travis Pastrana with Polaris Slingshot at Nitro World Games

Travis Pastrana got to have some good old-fashioned hooligan-style fun with the Polaris Slingshot at the Nitro World Games.

It all went down June 22 when the crew was in Salt Lake City for the 2017 Nitro World Games where the Polaris Slingshot saw its action sports debut as one of the official sponsors. Before the games though, the Nitro Circus guys got to engage in a little battle to see which freestyler could back it in the best. Let the hooliganism begin!

If this looks like your type of fun, be sure to check out the Polaris Slingshot website where there’s more cool videos like Tanner Foust drifting up the ramp of a parking garage!