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True-Track Lower Stabilizer Link

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True-Track Lower Stabilizer Link


20-00-09FT with patented writtenTrue-Stabilizer

When Harley-Davidson removed the lower stabilizer link and replaced it with the fourth rubber isolator beginning with its 2009 Touring line, the rubber became more susceptible to giving out, and on top of that, the motor assembly moved while on the go. What’s more, The Motor Company has kept this particular frame design, even with the Project RUSHMORE models. True-Track has responded by creating this patented front lower stabilizer link (20-00-09FT) that returns your bike to the three-point system, which keeps your Harley motor stable by removing lateral movement in the isolators, which, in turn, will also prolong the isolators from wear and tear. $179. True-Track produces zero vibration. Info: True-Track, 818/623-0697, True-Track.com.

For an immediate link to 20-00-09FT, click here.


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