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USB power port install

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USB power port install


Much as I like using old-fashioned paper maps, I must admit that simply punching an address into my phone does make things a lot quicker and easier when trying to find my way on my motorcycle. Of course, while a map is always ready to be used at a moment’s notice, my cell phone does require constant power, and as everyone who relies on a cellphone for directions knows, sometimes your phone runs out of power at the worst possible time.

To remedy this, I decided to add a dedicated USB power port to my 1964 Harley-Davidson Duo-Glide to keep my phone’s battery charged whenever I’m riding.

The main factor you need to consider when adding a power port is location. Specifically, you want to mount the power port somewhere close to where you mount your phone, somewhere that has enough clearance for the body of the power port and is close to 12-volt power. On my Panhead, I mounted the power port in the handlebar clamp riser cover. This is a great location because it’s near the phone mount on the handlebars and is somewhat protected from the elements behind the windshield. The handlebar clamp riser cover is also mostly hollow, so it has the necessary clearance for the back half of the power port and isn’t too far from the dash for an easy power connection.

When looking for a USB power port, I chose a two-port model rated for marine use and used the latest QC 3.0 charging protocol. As an added bonus, it has a digital voltmeter built into its face and a wiring harness. This particular part I found on Amazon for $15. Keep in mind that even though this is a waterproof USB power port, it is only waterproof when the cover is on. So if you get caught in the rain, make sure to unplug your phone and cover the USB ports to keep water out.

Motorcycle USB Power Ports

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