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Vanguard to Launch Full-Carbon, Connected Helmets w/ Partners Veldt & Fusar

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Vanguard to Launch Full-Carbon, Connected Helmets w/ Partners Veldt & Fusar

Vanguard Helmets
Vanguard Helmets

Vanguard Motorcycles is launching a couple of carbon-fiber, Bluetooth-connected helmets.

Vanguard, the new motorcycle company based in New York City that debuted to critical acclaim at the December 2016 International Motorcycle Show, is launching its first line of full-carbon, ultra-light, connected helmets in partnership with helmet manufacturer Veldt and riding tech innovator Fusar.

Vanguard, Veldt and Fusar have partnered to develop this exclusive line of connected carbon helmets, matching the Roadster tones and fitted with specific titanium parts.

The two Vanguard helmets (“Carbon” and “Aluminum”) are fully ECE/DOT-approved and among the lightest and closest fitting that can be found in the market – with an average total weight of 2 lbs 6 ounces (1,080 grams). They can optionally be factory-fitted with Fusar Bluetooth headsets and combined with the Fusar Handlebar Remote Control, giving access to the newest technology and app for motorcycling.

Vanguard Carbon Helmet

Vanguard Carbon Helmet

The functional, utilitarian and minimalistic design, combined with the integration of Fusar riding technology, makes the Vanguard helmets one of the best helmets available right now, and the ideal riding complement to the future Roadster.

With a MSRP of $590 (including shipping for direct orders), and $650/$720 with optional Fusar technology packages, Vanguard’s helmets are priced to offer a great value to riders. The helmets are available now at Vanguard’s webshop and soon at retailers worldwide.

To celebrate this launch, Vanguard is hosting an on-line contest to give away 2 helmets and 20 coupons for $100 off any helmet! The contest can be entered here. This contest is open until June 9th.

Vanguard Aluminum Helmet

Vanguard Aluminum Helmet


Says Francois-Xavier Terny, CEO of Vanguard Moto Inc.:

We appreciate the patience of our supporters who know that developing a world-class, proprietary premium motorcycle takes time. To maintain this groundswell of excitement we wanted to start offering mobility-related products that reflect Vanguard’s philosophy of contemporary design, premium features and excellent value. These helmets are exactly in line with what we believe should be the foundation of a strong mobility brand, and we’ll be regularly introducing new products and technology to give riders exceptional experiences.

Says Ryan Shearman, CEO of Fusar:
Vanguard is integrating design and engineering in ways that other motorcycle companies simply have not been able to achieve. We share the belief that technological innovation is going to play a huge role in the future of the global motorcycle industry and understand the importance of well thought-out, integrated products. As partners, Fusar and Vanguard will work together to help shape entirely new riding experiences for tomorrow’s riders.

Says Guy Montag, COO of Veldt:
We see Vanguard’s design and engineering as a bold statement very close to what we had in mind when we created the Mark 1 helmet: “form follows function” is Veldt’s credo. Veldt’s project also started from scratch, using only the best materials, in order to create an essential object, minimalist and beautiful. We are therefore proud to team up with Vanguard and look forward to giving riders the best protection and style.

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