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Victory Plays Hard-Ball – New Tour Motorcycle

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Victory Plays Hard-Ball – New Tour Motorcycle

Did you want a Victory High-Ball set up for touring straight from the factory?

Well, somebody must have been asking for one, because that’s essentially what Victory’s new Hard-Ball is.  Here’s what you get for your money. First, there’s hard bags on the Hard-Ball, but no windscreen. You can tour with it, but most guys laying down long-distance miles will probably consider aftermarket wind protection.

The Hard-Ball has the same air-cooled, 1731cc, fuel-injected V-twin that’s found in the High-Ball, and has that same long and low look, with a 65.7-inch wheelbase and  26.5-inch seat height. It has the same adjustable ape hanger bars as well.

The Hard-Ball has a six-speed transmission and a belt final drive reinforced with carbon fiber. Dry weight is a hefty 751 pounds. Fuel capacity is 5.8 gallons. The front fork is an inverted telescopic unit, and the rear shock is a single, gas-adjustable monotube arrangement.



  1. Danman February 11, 2015

    What I think they r goin for is a good quality bike but keepin the prices lil more on the realistic side, instead of payin $30g’s or more on a HD. I’m goin towards vic’s mainly for the low cost low maintenance powerplant cuz I ain’t got time to be working on my HD anymore.. & for the cost & looks, I’m gonna make it my own anyways, custom, hand made, aftermarket, whatever it takes.. it’s just time for me for something different to look at..

  2. harold July 15, 2012

    the best part

    Victory models are powered by Victory’s own engine, an American V-Twin OHC Fuel Injected 100 cubic inch, 1634cc powerplant. The engine not only performs, but they have set new benchmarks for reliability and low maintenance. The unit engine is strong and designed with a completely hydraulic valve lash and cam chain adjustment system that, in conjunction with the belt final drive, simply means there is more time spent riding and less time and money spent on maintenance.

    It’s an engine that has won the highest praises in the U.S. market – from winning a stack of industry and consumer quality awards to possibly the biggest compliment of all – Arlen Ness is using the Victory V-Twin in his own brand of Ness bikes.

    “This engine has everything we wanted – power, torque, performance, balance and reliability,” Arlen Ness said. “I’ve seen this engine evolve over the last decade and I gotta say, it’s special”.

    However, for the road-warrior who thinks that somehow 1600+ cc is not quite enough, enter S&S Cycle, the legendary 50-year-old performance company that offers a Victory V-Twin 106 cubic inch stroker performance kit designed to smooth out face wrinkles on any rider.

    Brett Smith, President of S&S Cycle, also has a huge respect for the Victory V-Twin powerplant, noting, “It’s just a great engine – almost too good – but we worked hard with the Victory team and managed to engineer a performance kit that really adds some spice and rumble.”

  3. BigHarleyDude June 30, 2012

    Kool bike. A windshield is a must but easily added. I’m a long time Harley rider and I think Victory being an American Company is kool and keeps Big H-D on their toes which makes it better for everybody. Makes it similar to the days when Indians roamed the land and were in competition with Harley.

  4. Bill March 23, 2012

    Does anyone remember their first ride? My first “bike” was a Lime Green B&S mini-bike the engine kill switch was a spark plug ground that would shock the heck out of me on several occasions but I was a real biker and that’s all that mattered. I personally like Harley Davidson but that’s not the point either. Not everyone likes Harley’s (God only knows why), some people like the pimped out look of a Victory while others enjoy the screaming sound of a Ducuati. The experience is what it’s all about. A few of you know what I’m talking about the smell of gasoline and oil, the beauty of the open road gets your blood pumping! I personally like Harley Davidson but that’s not the point. Not everyone likes Harley’s (God only knows why) , some people like the pimped out look of a Victory while others enjoy the screaming sound of a Ducuati. The stress of work and daily life doesn’t matter to you because your on the road alive and free! The experience not the make and model of your bike is what it’s all about.

    Ride Safe Ride Smart.

  5. mogwizzle March 21, 2012

    I’m with GB the vics are a far superior bike engineering wise, just not much available aftermarket wise. This bike is bad azz, just looks like crap with the bars laid back, pic should have showed it like it comes apes high!

  6. Dave March 21, 2012

    This bike makes no sense. Victory should stop trying to make these custom looking bikes. I believe they can do a better bike than this. Why doesn’t Victory build a small bike like the Sportster? Instead of trying to build a bike like the ones in American Chopper (that got old), build bikes that attract us. Bikes that make sense. I want to buy a bike that looks good and ride good too.
    The day you build a regular old school bike, I’ll be one of the buyers. Then you can be real threat to HD.

  7. 8 ball rider March 11, 2012

    I have an 08 Vegas 8 Ball and love it. I kind of agree that this bike makes no sense. It is meant for cruising but has no windshield and the seat is definitely not made for long trips yet it has saddlebags. Also I don’t see too many people looking for a Cross country bike who are into badass looking bikes. They are combining genres and it is plain silly. On the Victory in general topic, I bought my bike 4 years ago, aside from the drag bars and pipes I did nothing to it and still love it. And get compliments all the time on how hot it looks. Everyone I know who owns a Harley is constantly spending money doing this and that to it, I kind of like the fact that the bike is hot right off the shelf and that there is no much you can do to it, though options would be nice.

  8. Dan (Busstop) Poldo February 8, 2012

    Sorry Guys, at then end of the day I am a HD recist. If it is not a Harley, I will not ride it. No offence to Victory, just the truth… We old retired U.S. Army Rangers love Harleys and Ride the hell out of them….

  9. GB December 24, 2011

    Dewey, I personally couldn’t give a rats-arse what anyone else thinks. It’s called being an individual mate. Victory are producing some very high class products, and much superior engineering to HD. Check for yourself, and BTW, I have been a Harley owner for 35 years, across Shovels, Sporties, Evos and twinccies. BTW, I LOVE the look of this bike.

  10. Dewey December 21, 2011

    That is one ugly bike. Victory is chasing a dream it cannot fulfill. From the guys I have talked to who own a Victory, they are not that keen on the bike. One person told me he cannot get parts for his 2005 Victory…they don’t stock them anymore. It that is true, one is taking a chance on buying one.

  11. richard starr December 15, 2011

    no way. hard ball is based on the cross roads while the high ball is based on the vegas.

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