Water vs Oil Cooled Heads: Caption Correction for American Iron Magazine Issue 343

American Iron Issue #434 caption correction

We hate when things slip through the cracks. Here’s how the captions for water vs. oil cooled cylinder heads should have read. 

To err is human, to forgive divine – Alexander Pope

While each issue of American Iron Magazine goes through a rigorous editing process, sometimes things slip through the cracks unnoticed until after the fact. Such was the case with the captions on Donny Peterson’s well-written article about Harley’s new Milwaukee-Eight Engine.

The typo occurred on Page 32 in the caption about oil vs water cooled cylinder heads. The captions should be flipped as the water cooled cylinder head is featured in the first picture, oil cooled in the second. So we wanted to apologize to both Peterson and our readers for any confusion it may have caused. A correction is running in our next issue along with our online apology.

We are, after all, only human. Please forgive our errant ways. – AIM