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We Gained 6 Horsepower with this S&S Stealth Air Cleaner

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We Gained 6 Horsepower with this S&S Stealth Air Cleaner


In issues #355 and #356 of American Iron Magazine, we installed a S&S Easy Start Gear Drive Cam Chest Kit in a 2006 Road King that already had a new S&S performance air cleaner and exhaust system. We told you at that time we were running this series slightly different than we normally do by showing you the cam installation, the third and fourth part of the series, first, and that we would do the new S&S air cleaner and exhaust system in separate future issues. We, of course, had installed and tested the air cleaner first, followed by the exhaust system before the cams went in, but we wanted to run the camshaft articles first this time around. Well, it’s time to do the air cleaner install, complete with the dyno chart.

What we bolted onto our test Road King was a S&S Stealth air cleaner kit with chrome Domed Bobber cover. This kit fits all 1999-2006 CV carb-equipped engines, and 2001 and later Delphi EFI-equipped engines, except 1999 Softails and all throttle-by-wire bikes. As you’ll see in the accompanying photos and captions, this is an easy air cleaner to install, and it looks great on the bike!

Since this air cleaner helped move much more air through the engine than the stock unit, we also had to adjust the engine’s air/fuel mixture settings using a Dynojet’s Power Vision fuel tuner. The Power Vision is an easy system to use to access all the parameters you need to dial in the bike’s air/fuel mixtures. The Power Vision can be used for any modification you want to make to the engine, be it a minor upgrade like an air cleaner or a major one like increasing the engine’s displacement.

As for who did the installation for us, we went to the same excellent shop that did the two-part camshaft installs in this series and many of our performance builds, Rob’s Dyno Service. Dan took great care of us and installed the air cleaner. Rob then tuned our bike and ran our dyno tests.

How-To Guide
For step by step instructions of this install, pick up issue 118 of American Iron Garage at GreaseRag.com

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Dynojet Research
702/399-1423, Dynojet.com

Rob’s Dyno Service
978/895-0441, RobsDyno.com

S&S Cycle
S&S Stealth air cleaner kit, #170-0105/$225.66
866/244-2673, SSCycle.com


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