Win A New Indian Motorcycle, S&S Engine & $1000 Dennis Kirk Cards

American Iron Magazine – World’s Best Selling Harley Magazine is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. And to celebrate we are giving gifts to our readers. Stuff like a new 2014 Indian Chief motorcycle, new S&S engine, 13 $1,000 Dennis Kirk gift certificates and so much more.

All you have to do is be a subscriber to American Iron Magazine, Motorcycle Bagger, or our new Motorcycle magazine. It is that simple. Please share this with your motorcycle friends. More info click American Iron readers win!


  1. Larry Winer says:

    I renewed for another year over the phone this morning before I even received your Issue #306. Great Issue as always but unfortunately living here on Maui, I’m doomed to always being among the last to receive my copy of AIM. My first gasoline powered two wheeler was a Cushman Scooter back in 1956. I’ve been riding my Harley Sportster XL883 here on Maui for the past two years after selling my Suzuki s40 Boulevard.

    Everyone is right – nothing sounds or handles like a Harley! I serve as Vice President and Chaplain of Street Bikers United Maui Chapter. I’m seventy years old, retired from the pulpit and my position as Sr. Chaplain for the Miramar Florida Police Dept… and G-d willing, I’m looking forward to riding for another 15+ years. I’m also an active poster on H-D Forums.

    Ride Safe – Ride Smart
    Str8chuter (Rabbi Larry Winer)

  2. Your magazine American Iron is frigg’n tight! Right now I would like to enter for Indian sled. I can’t afford a major bill, but I do p/u the rag now & then. I’m a disabled vet and rode all the way back too the hard tailed mini-bike w/3h/p. lawn mower engine. I rode a hard tail sportster for yrs.(St.Pete,Fla.), it had 4 1/2 inch frame stretch front and rear.Frame w/4″ off the Crete.12 over Springer front end with half mini suicide brake. Back in my time I had the Carlyle flat faced rear tire. I sent 7yrs bludgeon.a beast in the garage. I had 17grand in this scooter all new/used it for down stroke on new car. I had the car 15hours and a 93yr. Old man pulled in front of me, totaled both cars. I lost every frigg’n cent on bike. Insurance covered car only!!!! My so called lawyer didn’t wanna pursue. Capmrgk screwed again. But for the of God there go 8.

  3. All current subscribers are automatically entered to win.

  4. Brian K. Buchanan says:

    Sweepstakes says “just have to be a subscriber”to enter.Been a subscriber for years & guess what.Can’t enter unless renew.Bullshit.I’m getting tired of Buzz’s old junk anyways.If you want to feature that crap start a mag for that.I’m done.