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WIN THIS HARLEY! Dennis Kirk Sweepstakes Update

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WIN THIS HARLEY! Dennis Kirk Sweepstakes Update


This 2009 Fat Boy came to us used, but will leave a very different bike, possibly in your hands!


American Iron Garage and Dennis Kirk have teamed up to give away this Fat Boy.

There’s a reason all of these pawn shop, storage container, and barn picker shows are flooding the television airwaves. People love other people’s stuff. Antiques Roadshow has been doing this schtick for years. We are not free of such covetousness, as we purchased this 2009 Fat Boy used and unseen, and, as Editor Steve Lita noted in his column in the American Iron Garage Winter issue (Winter 2015), “one man’s loss is another man’s gain.” He also noted that it was almost a shame to remove perfectly good parts from this well-maintained, finely built motorcycle. Alas, the cruiser parts have to come off, and the Fat Boy will be treated to a more aggressive, blacked-out look. And best of all: This bike can be yours.

Be sure to check out our Winter issue to see an “enlightening” install on the Fat Boy, and purchase the coming issues to follow along with in-depth articles and close-up photos of the modifications. And how can this Fat Boy be yours? Subscribe to American Iron Magazine (877.693.3572) or Motorcycle Rides & Culture (877.693.3577) and you are automatically entered to win. So subscribe today. Or you can enter with no purchase necessary at denniskirk.com.

Check out just some of parts we added to the Fat Boy, and follow along with this year’s issues of AIG to witness entire installs from start to finish.

Brand-new taillight installed.

Brand-new taillight installed.

The Fat Boy gets an air cleaner upgrade.

Clean air. Fresh, clean air.

Say goodbye to the brick-wall bracket of old.

A new license plate bracket cleans things up.

Sit back and relax.

Some new leather to park yourself on.