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WIN THIS HARLEY! Dennis Kirk Sweepstakes Update III

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WIN THIS HARLEY! Dennis Kirk Sweepstakes Update III


This 2009 Fat Boy came to us used, but will leave a very different bike, possibly in your hands!

The Dennis Kirk Sweepstakes is still underway, as we continue to modify this beauty of a Fat Boy throughout the rest of this year’s issues. We will continue to tease the modifications and installs we do to the bike on the site, and the full install stories are available for your viewing pleasures in our Winter issue of American Iron Garage, on newsstands until 3/8, and in our Spring issue set to hit newsstands that very same day. As always, all back issues are available for purchase online at GreaseRag.com.

See that stock oval air cleaner up there? You can kiss it goodbye, tell it to suck wind, as we’re cleaning that look right up with a brand new Crusher air cleaner. Crusher, the performance division of Kuryakyn, has parts available in the Dennis Kirk catalog and 12 parts to fit a number of different models. We whole-heartedly approve of the new look, and we’re sure the Fat Boy’s newest owner will, too. And that basic taillight out back? Hit the bricks. We swapped out both the taillight and the standing license plate bracket for a much more pristine look.

Air Cleaner 2So how can that new owner be you? Be sure to check out our Spring (On sale 3/8) issue to witness a visually pleasing upgrade and a sweet mount install on the Fat Boy, and purchase the coming issues to follow along with in-depth articles and close-up photos of the modifications. And how can this Fat Boy be yours? Subscribe to American Iron Magazine(877.693.3572) and you are automatically entered to win. So subscribe today. Or, you can enter with no purchase necessary at denniskirk.com.




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