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Winter Love? Motorcycle Maintenance And Seasonal Bike Prep

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Winter Love? Motorcycle Maintenance And Seasonal Bike Prep


SHIFTING GEARS by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

SHIFTING GEARS, by Buzz Kanter, Publisher

Yeah, you know she’s a looker. and wherever you go with her, she turns heads. Do I need to remind you never to take her for granted? She has real needs, and if you don’t meet those needs, there is a good chance she’ll have to go to someone else for satisfaction.

So when’s the last time you spent any real garage time with your bike? At the end of the last riding season did you push it to the back of the garage and maybe eventually throw a bed sheet over her? Or did you clean, wax, and prep her for the winter hibernation?

I admit it. Like many busy riders, my typical end of riding season prep routine is lacking. Some of my friends wash, wax, and detail their bikes from top to bottom every month. As much as I admire their handiwork and beautiful, shiny machines, I’ve never been like my friends. More typical for me is a quick wipe down and, perhaps, an annual wax and buff session. Regardless of my lackluster cosmetic regimen, I take the mechanical issues seriously. I maintain the batteries and keep them properly charged year-round. I make sure the engine oil is fresh and the tires are pumped up. I also add some fuel conditioner to the gas tank when parked for any time.

As the temperatures drop outside, and the snow levels climb, I look forward to cranking up the heat and the radio in my garage and shutting off my cellphone. I roll the first bike up onto my lift, strap it down, and take my time inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting it from top to bottom and front to back. Sometimes it takes less than an hour, and other times most of a day to do one bike. I own several great old motorcycles. So, if the weather and road conditions are not rider friendly this process can keep me busy for much of the winter season.

Whatever your plans, if you park your bike for more than a few weeks you will be a lot happier in the long run spending some time with it now — even if you’re not a great mechanic. At least clean, dry, and wax your bike, and plug a charger into the battery every couple of weeks. If not, when the weather turns, she might need to go to someone else (like a local Harley mechanic) for satisfaction.

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Ride safe, ride smart, have fun.


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