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World’s Fastest Harley Bagger closer to 200 mph


World’s Fastest Harley Bagger closer to 200 mph


T.R. Reiser piloted his Bagger to a top speed of 183 mph at the recent BUB Speed Trials in Bonneville laying claim to the title of the World’s Fastest Bagger.  $1500 worth of prizes and most importantly the right to claim the World’s Fastest Bagger title and Traveling Trophy belongs to T.R. Reiser of T-Man Performance and his team for 2010.  The official time came at the original event that started the chase, the BUB Speed Trials sanctioned by the AMA, held at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats and sponsored by S&S Cycle, ProCharger and Klock Werks.  The WFB Traveling Trophy award was decided hands down as the T-Man team recorded a two-way average speed of 179.88 mph in the 1650 APS-PG class and a top one-way pass of a staggering 183.779 mph to secure the WFB title for this season.

The WFB award is now in its fifth year. It was originally created following the Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off efforts of Laura Klock and Klock Werks’ original World’s Fastest Bagger.  The award is presented to the fastest one-way pass documented by the steward’s time slip at the BUB Speed Trials, a motorcycle only event held in September each year.  The history of Bonneville as one of legends in the speed world is a fitting place for bikes of all kinds.  It is with the recent custom Bagger trend that the attention has focused on taking something not necessarily the most aerodynamic and pushing the limits of speed and stability on what has been tagged the great white dyno.

The T-Man team finished second to the team from Rivas V-Twin in the 2009 season with a top speed of 158 mph, so the question of course was with the win and incredible top speed, what’s next as he was presented the award. “200 mph on a Bagger is within reach and we hope to achieve that goal with our new motor and more experience,” T.R. Reiser said, “I am very proud of our team and sponsors.  This is such a different surface and experience than any other racing, it’s an honor to have posted 183 mph and take home the title to North Carolina. It was even more special as my parents and wife were able to attend.”

The WFB entrant brought to the salt by the T-Man Performance team was powered by a 98″ Twin Cam motor with a ProCharger (forced) induction system.  The 2006 Harley Davidson FLH bike featured Revolution Cylinders, T-Man Stage 4 Heads and TR662-2 cams, a JIMS Fat 5 Transmission, Wiseco Pistons, AIM Clutch, Horsepower Inc. throttle body, Glide Pro stabilizer, WPC metal treatment, Sundance Chain, and Tech Starter.  It was tuned by Brian Kochanski of T-Man Performance using a Daytona Twin Tec module.  The bike was also sponsored by Harley Davidson of Lynchburg as well as those listed above. The frame was stock with a neck angle modification and a Buell 1125R Front End.  It retained stock saddlebags and seat location.

Visit at: www.tmanperformance.com and worldsfastestbagger.com


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