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PRODUCT REVIEW By Chris Maida – The beefy and alarmed XN18

Machined FROM a block of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the XN18 is an imposing hunk of security, which is why I chose it to be one of my over-the-road security devices. As I’ve written numerous times, Joe K and I usually do a few multi-thousand-mile trips a year to do long-haul road tests on new bikes and get to events. Since we’re responsible for these new machines, we always attach a stupid amount of locks and chains to both bikes. For almost two years, one of my regulars has been this Xena XN18, which is the company’s ultimate security lock.

Besides the freeze-proof casing, another feature I like about the XN18 is its locking system. According to Xena, the internal 1/4″-thick locking pin is double-locked to the body of the lock, so the conventional ways of forcing the locking pin to give way will not work.

The other feature I wanted is an automatically arming and disarming alarm. The XN18 has both motion and shock sensors, so the alarm will go off if anyone hits the lock or tries to move the bike. Once you place it around the disc, you’ve got five seconds to get the lock secured before the alarm sounds. If you pass the test, the alarm will beep once to let you know it’s on the job.

Personally, I consider the alarm a necessary evil. At 110 dB, it’s annoying and loud as hell if it goes off when you’re putting the lock on your disc. But it sure beats forgetting you’ve got your wheel locked before taking off!
Been there, done that, and once is enough! AIM

Xena Security, 1648 Taylor Rd., Unit 128, Dept. AIM, Port Orange, FL 32128
888/345-9362, www.XenaSecurity.com

Story as it appeared in the May 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine.