Xtreme Machine Reaper Motorcycle Wheels

With a presence this intimidating, you can guess why XtremeMachine calls this one the Reaper. It’s a beautifully orchestrated cluster of sickles for a cool tribal design. It’s certainly cynical and demands to be feared. The Reaper is available in chrome, black-cut, and black-anodized finishes. From $1,149.95. Info: Xtreme Machine, 800/479-4037, XtremeMachineUSA.com.

Story as published in the September issue of American Iron Magazine


  1. I am working on a POW/MIA trike project bike and trying to find a front wheel that has the shape of Barbed Wire. The original company that made this wheel went out of business. It was called “BARB”. I have been searching for a company that may have this wheel in their inventory or can tell me if you could make one. It has an FLH front end with a single caliper brake on the right side.

    Any help would be appreciated.